More about On Broadway

On Broadway, opened it’s doors in May 1997. Since the inception we have staged over 200 productions. These productions represent a wide range of genres including cabaret, satire, comedy, classical music, classical, modern and Spanish dance and large musical productions. Given this variety, a broad spectrum of the public has been exposed to the On Broadway experience. As lovers of one particular genre became confident that productions staged at the venue were of a particular uncompromising standard, so they ventured to explore shows of different genres. As a result, On Broadway has established what it refers to as a “built in audience” – people who come regularly regardless of the type of show. This built in audience has given the venue the stability to survive and grow in a market where many others have failed, and we know them as the “On Broadway family”.

On Broadway has won the public’s confidence largely by featuring most of South Africa's top cabaret and performing artists on its stage. These include artists like Marc Lottering, Kurt Schoonraad, Nik Rabinowitz, Mark Palmer, Stuart Taylor, Zolani Mahola, Loukmaan Adams, Alistair Izobell, Irit Noble, Amanda Tiffin, and many artistes who were part of Pop Idols, Zing or Popstars including Ezra, Francisca Blasich, Chad Saaiman, Mlamli Ningiza and Francois Lliam. Many of these artistes would never have made it as far as they have without the platform that On Broadway provided them with. Not only do artistes of such high calibre give the venue credibility, they also increase the value of entertainment in Cape Town. Most of these artists have returned for second visits, while some have asked for regular annual slots in our programme.

The idea of On Broadway has always been ‘your one-stop entertainment zone’. This idea remains firmly in place since we relocated to our new home in Long Street in May 2010, but with added advantages in our new home. The restaurant and theatre run as two separate entities, enabling patrons to choose between dinner and theatre, just dinner or just theatre. It also gives the patrons the opportunity to enjoy their favourite On Broadway meals at lunchtime and to enjoy our delicious new breakfast menu. The restaurant is on the ground floor and the theatre is on the first floor.

On Broadway operates on a nightly basis with both owners in hands-on positions, a full-time manager, receptionist, sound engineer, lighting operator, chef, full compliment of kitchen staff, casual waitering staff, and publicist. All staff are trained, qualified and encouraged and expected to deliver the best possible service and product. Most of our staff have been with us for many years and have moved from one premise to the other, and this we believe is our core advantage, that we employ staff who are passionate about our venue and our patrons.