More about Scarborough Security

Due to a high crime rate in Scarborough, Richard and Sylvia Foster decided to offer a personalised security service to the residents of Scarborough. This was 11 years ago. Once this service started operating the crime in the area declined dramatically. As residents started relocating to other area`s, they decided to remain with Scarborough Security. This is how their client base grew to what it is today. In actual fact, our very first client is still with them to this day.

Besides monitoring alarms and responding to alarms, they handle situations like medical assistance, jump starting flat car batteries and most importantly meeting the client at home when they arrive home and feel nervous. Scarborough Security's Control Room is not just used for alarm monitoring but also for lost pets, lost children, power failures, water problems etc. Not only do their clients call for info or help, but anybody in the operational area knows to phone SSS. If they are not sure they phone Scarborough Security.