More about The Men's Room

The Men’s Room offers men a hip, guy-focused, relaxing environment where they can comfortably enjoy spa-like barber services. At The Men’s Room they understand that today’s busy, socially aware man wants to look his very best, to make an impact and to stand out from the crowd, which is why they are dedicated to pampering you with the most professional contemporary grooming services, specially designed to make you look your damn best, but at an affordable price! The Men’s Room provides a full range of salon and barber services ranging from haircuts, straight razor hot towel shaves, facials and scalp massage/shampoo to color services and their products provide men with real solutions that go beyond soap and water. Nothing complicated or cosmetic, just superior products designed with guys in mind. Whether you’re a metro man, a busy corporate, a model or just a girl looking to update her boy…The Men’s Room is for you.