More about The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a bustling eatery in Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. Every day they serve an ever-changing selection of fifteen or more salads. These are accompanied by Grilled Chicken Breasts, Honey Mustard Sausages and many more. Most famous of all is the legendary Love Sandwich. They also do delicious coffee to go with their Almond Croissants and exceptional Selection of Treats.

The Kitchen feels like a traditional old kitchen: a place where food is made and eaten, and where you always feel welcome and warm. There is not a lot of space, so people pack onto the long benches and counters and often end up becoming acquainted with their fellow diners. This creates a busy cosmopolitan vibe.

The team of five women working behind the counter together with the six kitchen crew have been trained in The Kitchen, and each one delights in making people happy. Every day they produce and serve an enormous amount of food for the shop and catering operation: consistently delicious and beautiful.