More about Siggis Make-up

Siggis Make-Up manufactures and distributes a wide variety of make-up products for the film industry, stage, educational and training institutes across South Africa, and general use by individuals. Their fun and special effects ranges are also sought after by party shops, event co-ordinators and family restaurants.

With Siggis products you can create whatever you want to be! Their face and body paints are perfect for making sure everybody knows who your favourite sports team is or for transforming little girls and boys into princesses and pirates at birthday parties or fairies and frogs in school plays.

The combination of a professional make-up artist responsible for manufacturing goods, an efficient office and client relations manager and a skilled assistant, enables Siggis to understand and meet the varied needs of each one of their clients. No order is too difficult, too big or too small for this dedicated team of 3!