More about Solace Home improvement

Solace specializes in home improvements and renovations. Their mission is to take the stress out this process for clients and to give them exceptional quality and design flair at a price they can afford.

They understand that your home is your castle no matter how big or how small and will treat it with dignity and respect. Solace is passionate about what they do and believe in service with a smile. They will leave you with an experience which their name symbolises, comfort and relief and a lasting memory of a new improved home.

The business is owned and managed by Michael Kruger who has been in this line of work for the past six year. His passion is building and woodwork design, a trait he inherited from his great grandfather who was inter alia involved in the design and artwork of the Voortrekker Monument in Tshwane. Michael is always personally involved in the work undertaken which gives the client that personal touch and peace of mind. His work is his advertisement and has never had to spend any money on promoting his business since inception, a testimony to his dedication to quality and service