More about Fullscap technologies

Through innovative software and excellent service and support, FullScap’s website solutions help customers succeed by giving them the ability to control and understand one of the most powerful and effective business tools of the 21st century – their website.
FullScap Technologies officially formed in October 2005 and evolved from Darin Morris’s final matric Computers Studies project, which itself was spurred on by a need to have a quick and effective way to make updates to his personal website before school on weekday mornings.

In mid 2006, Darin was introduced to MambaVen, an IT incubation company, focused on helping IT start ups grow and establish themselves through providing any missing business infrastructure, skills, expertise and finance needed to take them to the next level and succeed.

After a few meetings they signed an agreement to work together to offer fully supported, content managed website solutions that would empower small businesses to manage regular updates and key areas of their websites themselves, without the need for special knowledge or technical skills.

Almost 6 years later, many of Darin’s earliest customers are still with FullScap and continue to use FullScap’s website management software (FullScap CMS) to manage and update their websites.