More about Bean in Love

Two sisters in their 20's had a flower and decor shop called "aartsappel", catering for weddings and functions. Down the road was a guy in his 20's, roasting coffee at Main Street Coffee Roasters since 2008. Boy meets girl, fall in love and marry. Married guy, wife and sister pool their resources and BEAN IN LOVE is born. BEAN IN LOVE not only serve freshly roasted coffees, teas and other cold drinks and a menu of breakfast and light meals, but also supply roasted coffee beans to a variety of establishments in the area. Their produce is locally sourced, freshly prepared on the premises and served with love. Inside the coffee shop, in full view of clients, flowers are arranged for functions. The owners are Werner Pauw, Liesl Pauw and Tanya Buys. They opened the doors of BEAN IN LOVE on 1 February 2011 and have a large following of regulars who just cannot function without their fix of an early morning brew. They are worthy nominees as they are hands-on in their business, always friendly, treat their staff with dignity and respect and have created a family environment in which all feel welcome. In my eyes they are true winners.