More about L Cohen Outfitters

Nomination by Quinton Conroy: At the beginning of December 2011 I was looking for a hiking shoe. I wear a size UK 12 or 13 depending on the make. I have great difficulty in finding a shoe that fits properly. I identified a specific style of Merrell shoe that was the ideal last for my foot and I went to a popular national retailer in the Waterfront to find the shoe. They did not have my size but the manager on duty promised to order it. She did warn that the factories were closing for Xmas and I should only expect the shoe in the middle of January 2012. I was happy with that. Towards the end of January I went to the shop to get my shoe and there was absolutely no record of my order. The assistant then promised to process a new order. I went home and Googled the Merrell shoe to find another supplier. The name of L. Cohen Outfitters came up. I called them and spoke to Mr Cohen. While I was on the line he called his supplier from another line and established that the shoe was available but in a slightly different colour. He promised that I would have the shoe in a week if I was willing to pop in to pay a 50% deposit on the shoes that were priced at R1100. I went in within an hour and the order was processed. The shoes arrived within the week! I received a call FIVE weeks later from Cape Union Mart to advise that this style was no longer available! I was treated like a valued customer from the time that I called till the goods were handed to me. The owner runs the business and he took immediate action to satisfy a customer. Service - Service - Service!!! This business is 100 years old this year and they still offer the best personal service that I have encountered at any clothing store in Cape Town.