More about De Mink Property Finance Consultants

Liz de Mink has been in the mortgage origination business since its inception in South Africa in 1996. In March 2004 Liz decided she could offer a more personalised service as an independent originator and she has been operating as De Mink Property Finance Consultants. De Mink property finance consultants aim to minimise the stress of applying for a mortage by sharing in-depth knowledge of the various bank products and credit-granting criteria with their clients, answering all their questions, and providing them with details of all the costs involved before they sign an Offer to Purchase. They see their most important function as properly pre-qualifying prospective home purchasers thus enabling clients to view properties in the appropriate price range knowing that they will be granted their mortgage finance. They also have an in-house legal expert and are therefore also able to offer their clients advice and assistance with all aspects of the property transaction.