More about NB Hearing

At NB Hearing, we think hearing is important. Communication relies on our ability to hear. It is the glue in every relationship, bonding us together and opening our channels of love and understanding for each other. When people begin to lose their hearing, they experience isolation from relationships, learning, laughter and music. Thus, we are passionate about restoring the quality of life of people who experience hearing loss. By rehabilitating hearing, we know that we are helping people to reconnect to life.There is a journey to travel from diagnosis through to rehabilitation, and so we support our patients with compassion and care. We focus on the individual to find a unique solution that is tailored to the needs of each person’s hearing loss and lifestyle. We provide hearing protection, hearing aids and tinnitus sound generators, as well as many other hearing and ear accessories. We fit and fine-tune our devices to maximise benefit. Most importantly, we empower people so that they can once again enjoy all of the amazing experiences that a life with sound, brings.