More about La Ninna Nanna

From the ownership and design to the pattern making, machining, production, online digital management and brand ambassadorship, La Ninna Nanna is a truly female focused sleepwear company. We create quality driven, locally manufactured sleepwear using cotton-based local fabrics. These items are not crisp white linen, frumpy and shapeless, or skimpy and overtly sexy. They are for people who want to look cool and quirky in their pajamas: feminine, playful, dreamy. They effortlessly cross over into leisurewear.
Three and a half years ago I started with a onesie. From customers urging me to make other items (60% of my orders are from repeat customers), I added two-piece sleepwear outfits to the range. Two years ago my pattern maker and I started a livelihood scheme so that we could begin training local women to knit and make hand-stitched items such as slipper socks and fingerless gloves. These have become furiously popular additions. My onesie range has expanded from bumsie onesies (with bum flaps) to romp and mooch suits (for men, too!), and my business is now almost exclusively online to ensure I am able to attend to customers directly. They often send me pictures in their onesies, which I love. It’s what gets me going. I want to make people smile.