More about Stretch Inc.

For the last decade, Dan Meyer has traveled the world chasing summer across continents, and learning the ropes, so to speak: leading abseils, climbing mountains, and setting up festivals the size of cities. From the humble beginnings of a labourer in 2001 to earning the title of ‘Tent Master’ for some of the biggest events in the world, he never stopped learning the complex art of professional rigging. In 2012 Dan decided to put all the experience he gathered along the way to good use – and opened Stretch Incorporated.

Stretch Inc. rents out Bedouin tents, or stretch tents, to everyone – from the biggest music festivals to the smallest home garden party. They are passionate about the art of putting up tents, and love the mathematics and sleek lines behind a well-built structure. Their aptitude for rigging tents in complex urban areas - like gardens, courtyards, and balconies - has started to earn them a reputation, and lead Stretch Inc. into a niche market. They love a challenge. Seriously.

Stretch Inc prides itself even more on its client satisfaction than it does on rigging the sweetest looking tents in town. A happy client is a job well done and there is no better achievement. They will stop at nothing to ensure the success of every event, and will always do whatever they can to put a smile on a client’s face.