More about Urgo Back Care Innovations

Urgo Back Care Innovations was created in January 2011, as a division of Dunsandle Trading CC
It has always been their vision to sell chairs that would meet the high standards of a professional ergonomic assessment, and, in so doing, prevent the onset of lower back problems at a later stage. Urgo refused to sell the common typist chairs, and rather focus on “preventative” seating, and all associated products. They also custom build specific products to suit individual client’s needs. Urgo Back Care Innovations offer a holistic approach to back care in the workplace, at home and in your vehicle.
Extensive research has been carried out, and products are manufactured, using locally available materials (excluding chair mechanisms). They supply products that equal or better international standards. Valuable input has been gained through consultation with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.
All of their products have been tested in the workplace and home environments. They are now available in the marketplace.
Urgo Back Care Innovations is ready to offer you superior products that are locally manufactured to our exacting standards.