More about Earthshine

Earthshine was founded in 2005 by Noel Marten and was originally set up as a permaculture design business. Noel specialised in building sustainable food gardens and green building, and built a number of outdoor class rooms for SEED.

Four years ago, Natasha was employed as a production and quality manager for a foundry in Cape Town and was inspired by seeing how raw material was transformed into a valuable commodity.

They then decided to focus on promoting raw food education in Cape Town and started running classes from their home in 2009. They soon discovered that their core strength is connecting flavour and health into a collection of easy to follow, and simply delicious recipes. That is how their self published book Easy Living Food came to be,

Another part of Earthshine's business is Vivo Pizza, a raw pizza take away service. People often think that a raw pizza is weird, imagining it to uncooked dough and cheese. Far from it, Vivos take about 5 days to make, from sprouting to dehydrating. The bases are made with buckwheat and linseed and 100% gluten free. The cheese is made from cashew nuts, and each week they offer a choice of 2 glorious flavours.

The third aspect of our business is products. We make a range of healthy snacks, ranging from crackers, cacao florentines, breakfast cereals and our award winning kale chips.