More about Baby Bellies

Babybellies was the brainchild of an ordinary mom, Helene Swanepoel. It all started when her own baby started to eat and she realised how many other moms want to feed their babies wholesome home cooked meals, but do not have the time to cook teeny tine portions of baby meals. Nowadays moms have busy schedules and with a baby in the house time in the kitchen is limited.
Helene decided to develop a frozen baby food range that will offer babies optimum nutrition and parents’ absolute convenience. She delivered these meals from her own kitchen for about 4 years and recently moved into an industrial kitchen in Okavango, Brackenfell.

Since the move into the factory kitchen business is booming. Her sister, Wilna Coertzen joined the team and started to develop the toddler range, known as Toddler Tummies.
The demand for family meals instantly grew and so they also started a family range, these meals are healthy, nutritious and even perfect for the protein diets around today.

Baby Bellies now offer a wide range of frozen meals for the whole family. Their main focus is health, convenience and excellent service. The sister team go out of their way to please clients and deliver superb products.