More about Frugirl

FruGirl started with the frustration of seeing over priced accessories that were generic and nothing special (but still cost a hefty sum). I recall saying to myself that I could make that and it would look more unique and interesting! So then my creative journey started by making a necklace from a tie with no sewing, and to my surprise it fell into place so easily and I got so many compliments from it! Things have come along nicely as now I convert ties to jewellery, bowtie's to hairpieces, denims into bags, skirts into retro aprons etc - anything that catches my eye will be snapped up and changed for the better. FruGirl offers quirky and original garments and accessories at affordable prices for the average person that wants to look fashionable. I am also extremely mindful of where my materials come from so I have chosen to support charity and thrift stores to source the majority of materials. My goal is to turn thrift and charity store items into fashionable garments and accessories that are funky, original and have a story attached to it. I think that I have so much repeat and referral business due to the fact that they enjoy the story and uniqueness attached to the item. Most of my clients have become my friends and "cheer leaders" and FruGirl would not be where it is without them.