More about Duco Industrial

Duco Industrial was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing supply solutions to clients in the industrial sector. Duco is a Latin word meaning ‘to lead.’ Our goal is to be the leading industrial supplier in workforce safety for the customers we serve in the engineering, construction, manufacturing and security industries.

Our company’s aim is to understand our customers and knowing their needs regarding workforce safety. This includes doing safety assessments that provide valuable information for our customers safety needs. We don’t just want to be a supplier but a partner in workforce safety with our customers.

Duco Industrial is formed on the following set of business principles:
 We strive to understand and meet our clients’ needs
 We have established a core set of suppliers that offer good quality products
 We aim to partner with our clients, understand their business and offer the best service
 Our senior managers are always available. We understand that businesses run at various times to be competitive and therefore we are available when needed

Core Products
1. Work Wear
a. Work wear
b. Uniforms
c. Corporate war
2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
3. Welding Consumable