More about Ginger and Lime

GINGER & LIME ….. for the love of cooking!

My kitchen has always been the heart of the home, a place where friends and family gather and bond over the preparation and the eating of, fabulous food, and this is in essence, what the GINGER & LIME concept is, to open my kitchen to others who are also passionate about food to enjoy the experience of cooking together. Some stir the pot or chop the onions, or others choose to do a complex curry from scratch under our watchful eye…. here you can get as involved as you choose to be. You can also just sit and observe while enjoying a glass of wine and a chat with the other guests, the choice is yours. My kitchen is your kitchen, and there are always great people around!

Our slogan is:


And we do! I feel that food is always a work in progress, as it must grow and develop as you go along, and I find it hard to repeat a dish and make it exactly as it was. This is why I find it difficult to stick to exact recipes, but rather to use these as guide line for the dish, and encourage my guests to do the same. We do provide recipes and directions for those who prefer to go by the book, of course. I don't do baking for this reason, as that is an exact science and not for me! I devour recipe books, TV shows and food magazines, and then from this knowledge that I have absorbed, I take the elements that appeal to me, and create my own dishes. I am an intuitive cook, and can taste the flavours of the ingredients in my head, before I even start to cook.

I also believe that if you have been given a gift, that it is your duty to share this with others for their upliftment, not to hide your light but rather to shine brightly and use it for the good of all. I also believe in giving more than people expect, that bit extra, and a bit of a "wow, that was awesome!" kind of evening. This makes me very happy, and I know that my guests have appreciated this immensely.

Something special happens when people get together and share the preparation of food….. there is a bonding and a deep connection that occurs We have seen and experienced this many times in the past year, and it is fascinating! Combined energy and loads of laughs, I guess!

I am crazy about food, all kinds of food, from the wonderful complex Asian flavours to the traditional simple Italian cuisine, and everything in between. I love food markets, fish markets and delis with the wonderful international products, and even the humble supermarket holds wonder for me at the possibilities it has to create fabulous food. This year I spent time in Thailand and in Italy, and in various real restaurant kitchens there (as opposed to foreigner cooking classes), absorbing as much knowledge as I could. I came back to share my passion and my knowledge with what I had learnt about the food and the many ways to prepare it, in an easy and relaxed way. Although not formally trained, I do have many many hours of cooking experience, with professional chefs and other great cooks, which I am sure more than qualifies me!

We can only do one or 2 interactive cooking experiences a week, as well as the private functions, as they take a lot of prep and energy to put together, and for me I don't want to lose my passion for this by doing too many. This would be easy to do, as we get so many requests, but I am firmly keeping tabs on this.

A bit of history, should you want to know…...I was an international model for many years back in the eighties, travelling the globe extensively to jobs, and this is where my passion for the variety of food that I enjoy cooking began. Since then I was involved in photographic production, having started CAPE TOWN PRODUCTIONS, a photographic production company hosting international photo teams , which I have been running with my husband, Gavin, for the past 25 years.

I felt that I earned the right to pursue my passion, after putting in so many years, and hence Ginger and Lime came about. It was a work in progress for 3 years (major renovations, and research), and then opened its doors officially just over a year ago. The response has been incredible, and we have been inundated with requests for all kinds of events, which makes it really interesting! We have lots of regulars already and new people are joining every week, with courses being sold out quickly. I find that the youngsters in particular are hungry for knowledge and for new experiences rather than collecting more "stuff", and they have been buying gift vouchers for their friends to join them for a class, thereby sharing their time (the most precious gift of all) as well as the lesson. Lovely gift!

Our beautiful venue can also host private functions, from master chef style parties or team building exercises, to exclusive birthday dinners and other special celebrations. As it is so private, it has also been used for EXCO and board meetings by some major companies. We also do Kids baking parties which are great fun! Recently we have done several new product launches, and also assist with recipe development and so on as well. So there are endless possibilities here at Ginger & Lime, and we are having fun on the journey, seeing where it is taking us.

We also host some excellent chefs, who come and share their talent here, and have been lucky enough to have Liam Tomlin (my food hero) in the kitchen several times. I love to learn from them and share this space with them. Several more are coming to cook with us soon, so watch for details.

I will be heading for a short trip to Spain later this year, so no doubt will bring back some lovely Spanish dishes.

As far as growth potential goes, we are looking at starting a weekend cooking experience in Yzerfontein soon, as we have the ideal location right on the beach for this, which will then be a truly "WEST COAST EXPERIENCE", and then I would also like to head further afield and am working on "COOKING IN COMO", as Lake Como, Italy, is the most incredibly beautiful place, and it would be wonderful to share this too, and organise a week long cooking programme, with myself and others from the area. All these exciting things…. Just have to make the TIME!!

I have a truly wonderful team working with me, who inspire and energise me all the time, and I am incredibly grateful to them for their input. I acknowledge that I could not do it without them, and that they are an integral part of the Ginger & Lime experience. They really have been doing it for the LOVE of COOKING!!! That kind of support is priceless, and we all still have such fun together. I think this is part of what shines through, setting us apart from the normal cooking schools.

With us it is an all round INTERACTIVE COOKING EXPERIENCE!