More about Lady Bonin's Tea

Lady Bonin’s Tea is a well-known, socially responsible brand that sources, develops, blends and distributes unique high quality loose leaf teas. By radically shifting the consumer’s experience and perception of tea, Lady Bonin is championing tea trends in South Africa. Jessica Bonin has self-funded and independently built the business over the last 4 years from South Africa’s first food truck selling take away tea to an internationally followed brand that distributes throughout South Africa, moving into the export market in the next 6 months.

The Japanese and South African teas are sourced direct from organic farms that use sustainable farming practices. This results in a high nutritive content of the plants, adaptability to climate change, environmental preservation and the use of indigenous knowledge. The fair trade and local cooperative farms are breaking ground through their unique models that supports communities by creating jobs, developing people, supporting education, improving infrastructure, applying mentorship programs and putting profits back into the community. The organic teas and herbals have higher nutrient dense properties due to increased plant health and a lack of chemicals and additives. Consuming these products supports health. It simultaneously provides a healthy alternative to current beverages, which are contributing to the increasing ill mental and physical health of people.

Lady Bonin’s Tea is a brand that has been featured in over 50 blogs, 15 magazines, on prime time news, in international magazines, as well as in 2 documentaries. The company received Gold at the Good Food and Wine Show for best speciality product in 2013, beating its international competitors. Lady Bonin’s Tea was selected as one of 11 companies to undergo South Africa’s first Green Pioneer Business Incubator hosted by Impact Amplifier, HIVOS, VC4 Africa and Growth Africa. Jessica is also a finalist in the Department of Agriculture's Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2015 in the Agri-processing category.

Jessica Bonin has made over 40000 cups of tea in the last 4 years. Tea is not just her business; it is her passion and her practice.