More about TAPS Tile Cutting Studio

The business was previously known as Theo Ashfield, it was in operation for 30 years. Thereafter, it went under new management in April 2013. Since the takeover we have added additional services to the company, like our misting systems, mosaics, handyman services, cut-outs and reducing of tiles. What we are well known for is our tile cutting. We specialize in cutting, mitring, chamfering, bevelling, and bull nosing all types of tiles: ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, sandstone, Caesar stone, slate, bricks, concrete and cement. We also drill holes, score, cut curves, shapes and air vents.

We are highly recommended and recognized by all tile manufacturers, developers, contractors, plumbers, architects, interior decorators, handymen, and our everyday walk-in customers.

The team at Taps Tile Cutting Studio have the knowledge and experience to understand and perform different tasks to meet your unique requirements. We pride ourselves with our excellent customer service.