More about Shen mi Yuan Garden Design & Services

Shen mi Yuan Garden Design & Services is based in West Beach, Cape Town and operates in and around the local area providing a wide range of services from grass cutting to landscaping.
We provide a friendly service to both new and existing customers, therefore as every job is unique we take all the needs and expectations of our customers into consideration. We take pride in doing every job to the highest standard.
If you would like to discuss any of our services, please feel free to contact us.

Our services fall under four categories
• Tree Felling & Clean-ups
• General Maintenance
• Landscaping
• General Services

Tree Felling & Clean-ups
We will advise you on all pruning and tree felling aspects of your garden.
Our once off clean ups are perfect for overgrown gardens that have been neglected for months or even years.
• Spring Clean-up
• Autumn Pruning

General Maintenance

We provide a wide range of services to maintain both property and land to a high standard. We have contracts with various customers in which we visit weekly and fortnightly to maintain surrounding land.
So whether it’s to clear your garden of overgrowth and rubbish, clean your guttering or simply cut your lawn, Shen mi Yuan Garden Services can help you keep your property and land looking the best it could.
• Lawn moving & care
• Weeding & pruning
• Garden Clearance
• Pressure Washing
• Exterior Painting
• Gutter Cleaning

There are many different ways to change and customize your garden space. And with the help of Shen mi Yuan garden Design, we can sculpt and mold your ideas into reality to create your very own private haven where you can relax in for many years to come.
• Soft garden design
• Pavers & pebble design
• Water wise gardens
• Irrigation
• Indigenous
• Succulent Rock garden

General Services
• Fertilizer
• Compost, Topsoil & Lawn dressing
• Roll-on lawn