More about My Learning Baby

Every parent wants the very best for their children and instinctively seek to nurture their growth and development but often do not know exactly what to do or how to accomplish this very important task. My Learning Baby is an online resource for parents that provides comprehensive expert advice on how to stimulate their baby, packaged as a convenient weekly program of games and activities that are easy to follow and fun to do.

Co-founded by husband and wife team, Mark and Catherine Miller, after the birth of their first child, My Learning Baby was started as a response to their own personal challenges in finding reliable and authoritative sources of baby stimulation advice.

The program was created collaboratively by a team of medical professionals resulting in a curriculum that covers 7 key developmental areas and is rich and varied. The team of early childhood developmental experts include two occupational therapists, two speech therapists, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

Ultimately we want parents to have the peace of mind that by using this guide, their children would be learning and growing at their best and encouraged to reach their full potential.