More about Pulse HR

At Pulse HR we specialise in providing businesses with simple, innovative and affordable advice and on-site support to help you get the best from your team members, allowing you the time to concentrate on your core businesss. We aim to be a full provider of all Human Resources people, products and services. We at PULSE HR Consulting provide an end-to-end business approach to all human capital related issues. We provide people, solutions and services of exceptional quality to all our clients, operating professionally and with integrity at all times.

We strive to provide our clients with best practices, policies and procedures that, not only mitigate your employment related risks, but also ensure that your team members are delivering high value at the most efficient cost. In so doing we become an integral part of your management team.

PULSE HR provides support to leaders, owners or existing HR practitioners within an organisation either to design, or enhance their HR strategy, in line with current economic trends and business requirements, to ensure a more efficient and effective HR value-adding function. Our differentiation factor at PULSE HR is that we want to partner with our clients. Whilst we also offer ad-hoc service we believe that our real value to an organisation is realised we have an opportunity to truly live within that organisation, becoming entirely aux fait with its people and partners such that the line between us and our clients blurs and we become integrated.