More about Alexander Upstairs

Alexander Upstairs is Cape Town's busiest little stage. Turning three in October, the theatre has so far hosted 1053 performances of 232 different productions, and paid out around R1.5 million to independent theatre-makers. The theatre is self-sufficient, a remarkable feat considering it is completely independent and its only income is from ticket sales. Part of the reason for its stamina is the the symbiotic relationship with Alexander Bar & Café downstairs. The theatre brings audiences and media attention to the party while the bar & café help to complete the audience's night out by providing a warm and inviting space for fine conversation, wine and food. Alexander Upstairs has become a vibrant contribution to South African theatre and provides a safe space for new work from young artists, a number of which have transferred to larger theatres or toured internationally. Technologically, Alexander is highly innovative having developed its own production management, booking and point-of-sale system (in open-source Python) which helps streamline the whole process of mounting a production from artist applications to audience feedback.