More about The Fruit Cube

We’ve all been there – you hit that mid-afternoon slump, but instead of looking for something healthy to snack on, you head to the vending machine or canteen for a chocolate or a muffin. Cue short-lived sugar high, followed by the inevitable energy dip, not to mention the feelings of remorse and dissatisfaction. And productivity? It has, as they say, left the building.

This is where the The Fruit Cube comes in. The Fruit Cube delivers fresh, top quality fruit to offices on a weekly basis. We provide a convenient way for companies to boost employee wellbeing by doing away with unhealthy office snacks and providing their staff with easy access to a healthy snacking alternative. All orders are conveniently managed online and customers benefit from free delivery, making this an easy and affordable investment in human capital and a very tangible staff benefit.

Currently The Fruit Cube delivers several hundred fresh fruit boxes each week. The majority of our customers are companies who receive weekly fruit deliveries for their staff to enjoy, but we also welcome orders from individual professionals who would like to have their fruit delivered to the office for personal use.