More about Deaf Hands at Work

Deaf Hands At Work (DHW) is a Pty Ltd registered social enterprise that creates, up skill and employ persons living with disabilities in the construction and innovative product designs. DHW was founded in 2011 and established in 2012 by founder and director Charles Nyakurwa. At DHW, we work, clothe and sign in Deafstyle, a unique innovative approach where we create and empower disabled persons to not only be employees but nature a new breed of disabled intrepreneurs with DHW`s construction and product spaces.

DHW is an award winning social enterprise that uses business principles to address social challenges considered too long established to be changed.
We focus on the 75% of the disabled categorised unemployable and skill them using our on-the-job programme leading to permanent employment within our company. We have directly impacted 60 persons with physical disabilities and retained 23. Our main business activities is construction of new residential homes with a focus on structural timber homes, our product range spans from 110% recycled glass chandeliers, pallet furniture and designs as well as a clothing brand called Deafstyle.

we pride ourselves to be the only silent construction crew in South Africa as we employ deaf apprentices who are groomed to great value-add tradesmen. With an increase of home-owners wanting value beyond their money and a good builder, we are a great example of not only what quality homes our clients pride as recipients but the story behind each and every house we built, every product we make that directly benefit people our current society would have totally excluded to benefit. We are at the forefront of social entrepreneurship and as winners in Social Innovation across South Africa we are scaling our community-based social enterprise to impact more persons living with disabilities in each of the disadvantaged townships and informal settlements across Cape Town, staring from Masiphumelele and Gugulethu.