More about Umatie

Umatie cooks yummy and nutritious baby and kiddie meals. We make weaning effortless by guiding parents step-by-step. We offer a wide variety of balanced meals – from fruit and vegetable lunches to protein dinners.

Custom orders are placed online – choose a balanced weekly meal planner for ease of use (with a menu to stick on your fridge) or order from the individual baby and kiddie meals to suit your little one’s needs. We cook per custom order and deliver the meals to your door. We take great care to prepare our tasty meals and proud to say that our foodies are not mass-produced but handmade with love and loads of fresh ingredients! The meals are frozen to naturally preserve it without adding any additives.

The baby range is suitable for babies from when they first start weaning and the kiddie range for kiddies from 18 months up to 5 years of age.