More about Mr B Treefelling

I had five massive blue gum, black wood and pine trees felled, several other trees trimmed, dead palm fronds removed, and five-years' worth of garden refuse from my acre property removed. The service was quick, efficient, and a third of the price charged by other treefellers I have used in the past.

Bongani and his men are professional, likable, friendly and gracious. I had asked them to cut up the trees into 'rounds' to use as stepping stones, a service for which they charged a nominal fee. The professionalism with which they arranged the numerous stepping stones around the garden was entirely unexpected. The ensured they were straight and even by placing sufficient soil under them; a service that increased their workload and yet was finished within a day.

The professionalism of Bongani and his crew is evident in other ways: he has excellent insurance cover, ample good equipment, a loyal crew, and outstanding service that left barely a trace of their work.